Paddy Grows Up Healthily

Paddy Grows Up Healthily
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Marta Galewska-Kustra

Illustrations: Joanna Kłos

Age: 0-6
Edition type: boardbook
Release year: 2023
number of pages: 28
Dimensions: 135 x 135 mm
ISBN: 978-83-10-13842-2
Paddy Grows Up Healthily
Grow up healthily with Paddy! Paddy is always keen on playing! Exercise with him: wave your arms about, nod your head and stomp your feet happily. Help him choose what to wear – what are the best outfits for summer or winter? Paddy also loves to go cycling round the track. He puts on his crazy protectors and… whoa… hasn’t he missed anything? Can you tell him what he’s forgotten? Oh dear, he doesn’t have his water bottle either! He should get something to drink. Join Paddy and do some healthy shopping in a market. This has been a fantastic, but tiring, day. After the fun, remember to wash your hands, have some delicious supper and get some rest – you can help Paddy grow up healthily tomorrow! The objective behind this interactive book is to form healthy habits in children.
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