What Do Animals Build?

What Do Animals Build?
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Emilia Dziubak

Illustrations: Emilia Dziubak

Age: 6-10
Edition type: hardcover
Release year: 2020
number of pages: 64
Dimensions: 280 x 340 mm
ISBN: 978-83-10-13395-3
What Do Animals Build?
Animals are real masters of architecture! In her amazing atlas, Emilia Dziubak presents their most interesting achievements: over-ground and underground constructions, houses on water and underwater, detached houses and studio flats, housing estates, mobile and temporary homes. Among many different examples, readers will learn about nests sewn by tailorbirds, nests made from saliva, nest mounds of the orange-footed scrubfowl (among the largest bird-made constructions), the pantries of acorn woodpeckers, the large construction of the sociable weaver, the huts of the Vogelkop bowerbird, paper nests of the common wasp, hives of bees and other insects, ant mounds and also bridges and rafts of army ants, termite mounds, traps made by spiders, the bedsits of caddisfly larvae, complex burrows made by mole rats, beaver dams and mole tunnels.
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