The Creature and Other Co(s)mic Stories

The Creature and Other Co(s)mic Stories
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Grzegorz Kasdepke

Illustrations: Artur Gulewicz

Age: 6-10
Edition type: hardcover
Release year: 2013
number of pages: 64
Dimensions: 165 x 215 mm
ISBN: 978-83-10-12370-1
The Creature and Other Co(s)mic Stories
The mailman brings a parcel to Maya and Philip’s. Nothing unusual, but the parcel is addressed to the Creature! And who is the Creature? It quickly turns out he is a funny alien who decided to spend his holiday on a certain wild and primitive planet… Maya, Philip and their friends will be surprised many times. After all, they are totally unprepared for the Creatures’s visit! They have no salty slimies, no puffed swaddlees and no fightees to play barejaws. Fortunately, the Creature will not stay long – he is only on a two-year leave…

If you enjoy laughing, read this book. It is absolutely fantastic!

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