Look Closely. A Year in the Kindergarten

Look Closely. A Year in the Kindergarten
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Przemysław Liput

Illustrations: Przemysław Liput

Age: 5-105
Release year: 2021
Dimensions: 135 x 189 x 41 mm
Weight: 300
Players: 2-5
Game time: 15
EAN: 5902719477027
Look Closely. A Year in the Kindergarten
  • practicing observation
  • recognizing colors and shapes
  • each card presents a detailed picture

Brushing teeth, a duel of knights, conquest of space – experience an exciting day with other kids in the kindergarten. Look closely at what happened to them while they were playing together. Can you see something in the picture that is in a specific color or shape? This seemingly easy task may turn out to be quite a challenge, even for the adults! Watch carefully and hurry up – whoever is first wins!

Look closely. A year in the Kindergarten is a card game for 2-5 players aged 5 years and more. During gameplay players reveal cards and simultaneously check the picture for elements in a specific color or shape. This exciting game, which develops observation skills and the ability to recognize colors and shapes, is an interesting challenge for both
children and adults!

Box size: 135 x 189 x 41 mm

  • 48 big cards
  • rulebook
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