A Year in the Kindergarten

A Year in the Kindergarten
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Przemysław Liput

Illustrations: Przemysław Liput

Age: 0-6
Edition type: boardbook
Release year: 2016
number of pages: 28
Dimensions: 231 x 310 mm
ISBN: 978-83-10-13024-2
A Year in the Kindergarten
Welcome to our kindergarten! We spend plenty of time here and we are having fun. There’s a lot of us and everyone is great, even little Alex leaves his security pillow and plays with us. There is also Marcel – called handyman because he can fix everything.
His dog accompanies us in our daily routine. A cat is always hiding – can you find him on each page? Colorful pictures exercise the child’s perceptiveness and ability to tell stories, but first and foremost are a great fun and a way to spend time nicely and creatively.
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