Let’s Celebrate! 36 Festivals From Around The World

Let’s Celebrate! 36 Festivals From Around The World
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Joanna Kończak

Illustrations: Ewa Poklewska-Koziełło

Age: 6-10
Edition type: hardcover
Release year: 2023
number of pages: 176
Dimensions: 195 x 254 mm
ISBN: 978-83-10-13723-4
Let’s Celebrate! 36 Festivals From Around The World
Don’t we all like to celebrate? Festivals are special times that help us forget our everyday routine and ley us enjoy being with others. Ways to celebrate around the world are determined by traditions passed down through generations. This book describes all kinds of customs: ones related to the arrival of a new year or to natural phenomena, as well as important religious festivals and cheerful carnivals. You will also read about remembering loved ones that have passed away, and celebrating important historical persons and events. The book contains information about over forty festivals from around the world! They include Chinese and Thai New Year, Nowruz, Dożynki, Kupala Night, the Mid-Autumn Festival and Hanami, carnivals in Venice or the Bolivian Oruro, Purim, Easter, the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, Durga Puja, Ramadan, and Buddha’s Birthday, as well as St. Patrick’s Day, Dia de los Muertos, O-Bon, Thanksgiving Day, and Kodomo no Hi.
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