What’s inside vehicles?

What’s inside vehicles?
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Artur Nowicki

Illustrations: Artur Nowicki

Age: 0-6
Edition type: boardbook
Release year: 2021
number of pages: 28
Dimensions: 231 x 310 mm
ISBN: 978-83-10-13620-6
What’s inside vehicles?
Have you ever wondered how many things are hidden inside different vehicles, for example an ambulance, a broadcast vehicle, a rescue pontoon, a roadside assistance truck or an airplane? This picture book is brimming with detail and presents fourteen different vehicles and the things you can find inside them. Did you know that a fire engine carries a few thousand litres of water for extinguishing fires, a police vehicle carries a caltrop, a mountain rescue helicopter has an avalanche backpack and a sailboat carries a fog horn? A dustbin lorry carries not just rubbish collected from rubbish containers, but also a lot of different equipment. When something breaks down, you can call a repair service – when it arrives, the van is filled with all sorts of tools. And a camper van is a house on wheels – it has so many things you’ll need when you go camping! There are also bookshops and restaurants on wheels. You really need to fill up a book truck or a food truck in order to sell books or to prepare and serve food. You can browse this book for hours and discover more and more details.
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