The Book of Numbers

The Book of Numbers
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Alicja KrzanikAnna Salamon

Illustrations: Anna Salamon

Age: 0-6
Edition type: boardbook
Release year: 2021
number of pages: 40
Dimensions: 205 x 250 mm
ISBN: 978-83-10-13646-6
The Book of Numbers
Meet Franek, his parents and their two dogs. We’ll join them on a trip out to the sea, go for a walk together and visit them in their home… But what is this? A cupboard has just appeared in an empty room. Shall we fill it together? One teddy bear, two cups, three cars… And while we’re at it, let’s take a chance to learn some numbers and count a little too.
The beautiful crocheted illustrations and funny rhymes will make learning maths great fun!