Our Lady of Nature. Stories about Mary

Our Lady of Nature. Stories about Mary
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Justyna Bednarek

Illustrations: Marianna Oklejak

Age: 6-10
Edition type: hardcover
Release year: 2021
number of pages: 112
Dimensions: 195 x 254 mm
ISBN: 978-83-10-13453-0
Our Lady of Nature. Stories about Mary
From the author: "This book was born from the wish to save from oblivion folk tales that connect the Virgin Mary with nature. I have a feeling that few children know them even though they were once just as popular as Marvel stories are today. When I was small, I was looked after by my mum’s nanny – Cecylia Kot, a village woman from Podkarpacie, a region in the south-eastern corner of Poland. Cecylia was the living embodiment of love. And she was the person who shared some of these legends with me. She sang them to me and recited them to me in verse. These simple stories explained where this or that came from – the colour of a canary’s plumage, the quaking of aspen leaves, but they also incorporated nature into the sacred sphere, they made it a part of the story of salvation. I would also like to point out that my book is not a work of ethnography. I wasn’t overly faithful to the original stories and I didn’t revere the narrative too much. Sometimes I made things up without tampering with the main plot. I was determined to give these old stories a modern lease of life and enrich them with new content."
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