Isla and Philip Start School

Isla and Philip Start School
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Ewa Borowska

Illustrations: Natalia Jabłońska

Age: 6-10
Edition type: hardcover
Release year: 2023
number of pages: 48
Dimensions: 205 x 260 mm
ISBN: 978-83-10-13815-6
Isla and Philip Start School
A must-read for all future first-graders and their parents. Is school a new and completely strange place for you? To help you feel better and more confident, why don’t you come and meet us at Isla and Philip’s school? You’ll peek into all the school’s nooks and crannies and learn about all the school rules with these two friendly first-graders. I believe that this book will dispel many doubts and that it will help make the beginning of school education a well-anticipated and joyful event. Fingers crossed and good luck! Ewa Borowska – early primary and preschool teacher. Her other day job, except for teaching, is supporting first-graders and their parents in gentle school adaptation. She wrote Isla and Philip Start School with her protégées in mind.