Zula and the Kidnapping of Spot

Zula and the Kidnapping of Spot

edition type: soft cover

release year: 2017
number of pages: 192
age: 6-14
ISBN: 978-83-10-13135-5
Hi there! I’m Zula. I’m nine years old and I have just discovered I’m a sorceress!

This means real power! I have a detective case to solve here. Someone has kidnapped Spot, the beloved dog of our teacher, Arabella Pasta. Our super team – my best mates Rupert and Max, tomcat Claw, and Philip, my personal chameleon – will do anything to find him.


A plucky girl called Zula moves into a house with blue turrets. Her two batty aunties Mela and Hela live here, and the house’s magical atmosphere reveals Zula’s magical powers – she is able to conjure up a chocolate cake on demand and understands animals.


Surprised at her abilities, Zula will quickly realise that without prudence and good friends, magic can cause a lot of trouble.

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