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What Happened in the Pencil Case?

What Happened in the Pencil Case?

edition type: boardbook


Marta Kurczewska

release year: 2014
number of pages: 28
age: 2-6
ISBN: 978-83-10-12653-5

Incredible things happen inside a pencil case when you’re not looking. Objects that can be found inside pencil cases live their own, exciting lives. Crayons, a pencil, a pen, an eraser (along with her daughter), a ruler, a bottle of correction fluid, a pencil sharpener, a compass and many others objects all star in this energetic story.

Izabela Mikrut’s funny poem about the inhabitants of a pencil case combines literary and educational values. It’s designed not only to be read and looked at by children and parents together, but also prepares children for school by teaching them how to use various objects, recognise colours, search for details and develop other useful skills.

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