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The Wild Book of Wild Boar and Their Cousins

The Wild Book of Wild Boar and Their Cousins

edition type: hardcover

release year: 2020
number of pages: 48
age: 6-10
ISBN: 978-83-10-13545-2
Why is the wild boar a forest ecologist?
And does it really use a towel to wipe its back
with after a mud bath? You’ll find answers
to these and many other questions in this book
by the fabulous Polish illustrator Jola Richter
-Magnuszewska. She lives on the edge of
a forest and discovers its mysteries every day.
In her marvellous cut-out story, the artist shows the wild boar’s place in the beliefs of our ancestors, its love for its closest relatives (did you
know that sows sing lullabies to their piglets?), their habits that are surprisingly similar to those of humans (for example, making the bed),
and their complicated language, which proves the boar’s amazing intelligence. But that’s not all – the boar are accompanied by their cousins,
like the well-loved warthog or the domestic pig, who is perhaps the cleverest and most sensitive of all animals known to us.
The Wild Book of Wild Boar is a must-have for any environmentalist, both young or (slightly) older. It teaches empathy and respect for all creatures.
It helps us realise how fascinating and mysterious our animal neighbours are.
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