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The Sounds Inside. Strange noises from within the body

The Sounds Inside. Strange noises from within the body

edition type: hardcover


Artur Gulewicz

release year: 2019
number of pages: 40
age: 4-10
ISBN: 978-83-10-13484-4
Every day we speak, laugh and cry. How does it happen that we make all kinds of noises? Why do our bodies sometimes “speak" on their own without us having any control over them?
How do yawning, coughing and hiccupping happen?
All the strange noises that make us embarrassed – how do they happen? What rumbles in our bellies? Why do we belch and… fart?
What are heartbeats?
When and why do our teeth chatter? When and why do we sneeze?
You will find answers to all these questions in this book full of witty illustrations. And, in order to let you understand your body even better, we’ve added a few simple experiments which will show you how it works.

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