The History of Cars

The History of Cars

edition type: hardcover

release year: 2016
number of pages: 144
age: 6-14
ISBN: 978-83-10-13026-6
People have always wanted to move more quickly and more comfortably. For a few thousand years they dreamt about a vehicle that would be able to move without the aid of horses.
But it was only a little over a hundred years ago that the first car was created. Could anyone imagine their lives without it today? It would be very strange, don’t you think?
In this book we’ll show you how cars have changed over the years. You’ll find out which model was voted the ugliest car in automotive history, why the Ford Model T is the most important car of the 20th century, how much air a Bugatti Veyron uses to cool its engine and how Mr Rolls met Mr Royce and the two of them ended up creating the most luxurious car in the world.
Ever since cars were created, people have wanted to race in them. So we’ll explain the difference between rallies and races, and tell you which ones are the most important. People still dream of speed. You’ll also find out what the speed record for a car is and how difficult it was to establish it. We’ll also
take you for a ride around the most famous off-road route in the USA, where it takes 3 days to cover 20 kilometres. As well as all this, we’ll tell you how engines work.
Cars are fascinating. We hope that thanks to this book you’ll learn many interesting stories, understand how some mechanisms work and how hard people have tried (and still try) to make our car journeys better and safer.
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