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Sophie from Cat street

Sophie from Cat street

edition type: paperback


Agata Raczyńska

release year: 2012
number of pages: 224
age: 6-10

Hi! It’s me, Zosia from the Cat street. I hope you missed me a little… I did miss a bit – you of course, but also writing and sitting on an apple tree… That’s how it is when you get sick for too long and you are told to stay in bed. Our holiday has just started… High fever and high UNLIVELINESS (this word was of course coined by my sister) kept us at home for a while. Even the garden seemed some kind of an overseas land when we were in our beds. And boredom blew around us so intensely that it almost caused draughts. Absolutely boring draughts. And no company: who would come to visit us, plague-stricken? Ok, maybe I’m overreacting, smallpox is not plague, but it is also contagious. Very contagious!

"Zosia from the Cat Street" is an amusing book series about adventures of a resolute Zosia and her crazy family. In the third book we have a new surprise: PERMANENT disease that will put to risk their dreamed-of holiday. But fortunately, it will be saved by a RASPBERRY NCIS and this will make possible a night at the Goose street, meeting Arus and Karol IV, and even an escapade to a Sacred Place of Water Nymphs!

So, all gloomy guys, brace yourselves! Zosia will not let you be bored!


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