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Maddie and Piggypup. First Day in the Kindergarten

Maddie and Piggypup. First Day in the Kindergarten

edition type: hardcover


Marta Kurczewska

release year: 2018
age: 2-6
ISBN: 978-83-10-13320-5

Madeline Felicia, or Maddie, as she’s known to her friends, has absolutely no idea if she wants to go to nursery at all.
But, as we all know, nothing helps you summon up courage more than a cuddly toy. So Maddie’s mum makes one for her. It’s a little pig in flower-patterned trousers! At first, Maddie is quite surprised. After all, she’d told her mum quite clearly (or was she was yaaaawning?) that she wanted a doggy, not a piggy.
But when Piggypup appears, it is quite clear that he and Maddie will be inseparable

The first day at nursery is a bit sad, and very happy, it’s a bit scary but even more funny. Maddie meets Monica, who bites (but it’s only because she’s sacred; Joanna, who is a bit of a slowcoach and who’s petrified of getting dirty; and Tommy, who seems like a rascal but is actually quite cool. Plus he’s got an unusual toy – a real red teapot! And this teapot makes an excellent home for Piggypup, who will have exciting adventures of his own inside… Having thought about it long and hard, Maddie decides she’d like to go to nursery AGAIN the next day.

Maddie and Piggypup is a series of books for the youngest readers. Their protagonist, the plucky Madeline Felicia, is discovering the world around her. Her mum, dad, best friend Tommy and, most importantly, her beloved Piggypup are by her side. One thing you should know is that Piggypup not only gives Maddie support and encouragement in difficult life moments, like the first day at nursery, but he also has secrets of his own…

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