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Maddie and Piggypup. Everything in Order

Maddie and Piggypup. Everything in Order

edition type: hardcover


Marta Kurczewska

release year: 2018
age: 2-6
ISBN: 978-83-10-13378-6
Madelaine Felicia (or Maddie, as she’s known to her friends) really likes chocolate. But she can enjoy it only after she’s eaten her broccoli. According to Maddie's mum things need to be done in the right order. But anyone can get things the wrong way sometimes. For example, sleepy dad, who first puts a piece of cheese on his bread and then spreads his butter on the cheese! Or Patrick, Maddie’s friend from nursery, who first puts his trousers on, and then his underpants… Luckily, in the world of Piggy-Pup, Dusia’s cuddly pig, things happen in reverse order, back to front and inside out. First, cake is served, then the main course, and then soup… No order is also in order!

Maddie and Piggy-Pup is a series of books for the youngest readers. Their protagonist, the plucky Madelaine Felicia, is discovering the world around her. Her mum, dad, best friend Tommy and, most importantly, her beloved Piggy-Pup are by her side. One thing you should know is that Piggy-Pup doesn’t only give Maddie support and encouragement in difficult life moments, but he also has secrets of his own…

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