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Let Me Tell You, Mom, What Adults Do

Let Me Tell You, Mom, What Adults Do

edition type: boardbook


Przemysław Liput

release year: 2020
number of pages: 28
age: 6-10
ISBN: 978-83-10-13619-0
Join us in watching the “What Adults Do" programme. In order to discover what it’s like to be an adult, we’ll follow a number of families as they go
about their daily chores and enjoy their free time. Our guides are the best observers you could possibly wish for, namely children. Do adults catch
raindrops on their tongues when it rains? They’re allowed to stay up late – but what do they do in the evenings? What sort of fuss can break out
over breakfast?
With this book full of detailed and amusing illustrations, you’ll not only enjoy yourself, but also solve tasks that improve alertness and develop
storytelling abilities. Let’s find out if adults have anything child-like about them!
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