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Just No Kissing, or How to Cope with Emotions

Just No Kissing, or How to Cope with Emotions

edition type: hardcover


Paulina Daniluk

release year: 2020
number of pages: 64
age: 3-6
ISBN: 978-83-10-13576-6
New edition of Grzegorz Kasdepke’s bestselling book series on emotions.
Miss Milka, a teacher with a special task to do, arrives at the kindergarten.
Her job is to talk to children about emotions. This won’t be easy, even though she’s brought along an unusual helper – a puppet. Rosalie’s kisses,
envy about a fringe, Buddy’s anger and some disgusting, overcooked leek are just some of the problems Miss Milka will have to face up to...
Just No Kissing, or How to Cope with Emotions is a collection of amusing stories about emotions like longing, shame, a sense of injustice, and envy.
Each story is followed by a description of a particular emotion and practical advice for children and adults.
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