Ewa and Paweł Pawlak’s Small Atlas of Birds

Ewa and Paweł Pawlak’s Small Atlas of Birds

edition type: boardbook

release year: 2017
number of pages: 40
age: 2-10
ISBN: 978-83-10-13238-3
Ewa and Paweł, who are both well-known illustrators, describe the winged residents of their garden in this amazing bird book. They use breathtaking watercolours and pictures made out of colourful rags to tell us about tree sparrows, blackbirds, magpies, long-tailed tits, goldfinches, jays, woodpeckers, starlings, greenfinches, nuthatches… the world conjured up by Ewa and Paweł is full of poetry and humour. It will surely encourage all of us readers, children and grown-ups alike, to create our own books of birds we see every day, and to love them and talk about them in our own way: by drawing, cutting things out and pasting things in, collecting feathers, adventures and anecdotes…
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