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Dwarves: Facts, Myths, Trivia

Dwarves: Facts, Myths, Trivia

edition type: boardbook


Maciej Szymanowicz

release year: 2018
number of pages: 28
age: 6-10
ISBN: 978-83-10-13392-2
This book is an incredible collection of information about dwarves! Where do they come from? How do they travel? What do they eat? What do they do in their free time? What sports do they do? Which areas of art are they most successful in? And much, much more.
Detailed illustrations present, among other things, the snailmobile, racing in honey along bread with cream cheese, the butterfly-plane, the aerobird and the viewing bottle. You will find out that when your phone or tablet goes missing, it’s likely the dwarves have borrowed it to watch a film on. You will also meet the prominent climber, Sir Gouda Cheddar – the dwarf who rose to fame through successful ascents of many sweet-thousanders. His greatest achievement was reaching the cherry on top of Amelia Kendall's birthday cake (8456 c a.s.c.l.*).

* calories above sponge cake level

Książka uhonorowana następującymi nagrodami:
Wyróżnienie w XVII edycji konkursu Świat Przyjazny Dziecku
Książka nominowana do następujących nagród:
Nominacja w konkursie „Najpiękniejsze Książki Roku 2018”
Polskiego Towarzystwa Wydawców Książek
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