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Droopy Ear the Bear

Droopy Ear the Bear

edition type: hardcover


Zbigniew Rychlicki

release year: 2011
number of pages: 248
age: 2-6
ISBN: 978-83-10-12078-6

A cartoon about Droopy Ear the Bear is the best selling series of the Polish Television. In Slovenia and Finland the broadcast license is renewed every two years which means that the series has been broadcast there for many years now. Every week children from these countries may watch one episode. In Finland Droopy Ear the Bear is called Nalle Luppakorva, in Slovenia Medvedek Uhec, in Catalonia L'osset Faluc, in Macedonia Mečeto Uško, in the Netherlands Teddy Hangoor, in Slovakia Macko Uško, and in Hungary Füles Mackó. Droopy Ear the Bear has also been present on Japanese TV screens as Oyasumi Kuma-chan. Se-ma-for (a Polish animation studio) was planning to create new Droopy Ear the Bear episodes and a full-length movie which would be financed by the EDEN Entertainment company from Japan.

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