Black Lakes

Black Lakes

edition type: soft cover

release year: 2016
number of pages: 336
age: 14+
ISBN: 978-83-10-12859-1
Magda is trying to understand what it is that she wants from life. She has a talent for literature, and starts writing a diary. She is also looking for answers to questions she’s afraid to ask. Her relationship with her mother is becoming increasingly strained. She also finds it harder to get on with her stepdad, whose rationality and composure she’s always valued. She isn’t getting on at school either. The only breathing space she’s got is her Literature Club. She feels quite at home among its eccentric members, and the club’s meetings are run by a writer she adores. And yet the need to confront her mother and face up to the truth that’s been buried away for many years is rearing its head…
Książka uhonorowana następującymi nagrodami:
Wyróżnienie w konkursie Książka Roku 2016 Polskiej Sekcji IBBY
Książka nominowana do następujących nagród:
Nominacja literacka w konkursie Książka Roku 2016 Polskiej Sekcji IBBY
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