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Amazing Friendships. The World of Plants and Animals

Amazing Friendships. The World of Plants and Animals

edition type: boardbook


Emilia Dziubak

release year: 2018
number of pages: 28
age: 3-6
ISBN: 978-83-10-13072-3
Homer the ginger cat misses having a real friend… He decides to set out into the world to find one. First, he must decide what the most important thing for him is when it comes to friendship. Is it looking after one another, is it the selflessness and complete devotion, or is it fidelity? On his journey he will witness many unlikely friendships: ants and aphids, live sharksuckers and sharks, tits and thrushes, gopher tortoises and indigo snakes, and many more besides. Will he find himself a kindred spirit?

Emilia Dziubak’s book beautifully combines a story about friendship with trivia from the lives of animals and plants.

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