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A Year on a Building Site

A Year on a Building Site

edition type: boardbook


Artur Nowicki

release year: 2020
number of pages: 24
age: 2-6
ISBN: 978-83-10-13547-6
The small Fiat 126, the main character of Mum, Let Me Tell You What Cars Do, works at an architect’s studio. He’s just completed his very first
ambitious task – to design a garage with a car service station. It’s time to start the construction! Mr Jeep, the site manager, is busy with his team:
Excavator, Steam Roller, Crane, Cement Mixer and many other specialists. The investor is very demanding and the garage’s official opening is planned
for Christmas. Will they manage to build it in time?
A Year on a Building Site contains twelve double-pages spreads – one for each month. The site changes from month to month. The area must
be cleared, the tree replanted, foundations must be laid, walls must be raised, and – eventually – the building needs to be accepted... Work is underway.
The brave machines are not scared of bad weather and hard work. All young fans of construction vehicles are welcome to join us in following
the progress of our unusual builders, and to cheer them on as they work.
A Year on a Building Site will keep your child busy for hours. This amazing book stimulates their imagination, develops their attentiveness and ability
to think logically, as well as the ability to find cause and effect relationships and tell stories. But most of all, it’s just great fun!
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