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A Year in the Mountains

A Year in the Mountains

edition type: boardbook

release year: 2020
number of pages: 28
age: 2-6
ISBN: 978-83-10-13555-1
Today we’re taking you on a trip to the mountains. We’ll learn about
the different mountain zones and meet both the better and lesser
known animals that live there. We’ll sneak up on them to see what
they do at different times of day and year. We’ll meet a highlander,
some sheep and a forest sprite that sometimes plays practical
jokes. Put some comfy shoes on, pack a bottle of water and sandwich
in your backpack and come along to enjoy the world of mountain
adventure with me.
In the foothills, a stream flows briskly. Trout splash around in it, and there are colourful dragonflies hovering over the meadow. You can bump into roe
deer, sometimes a fox will cross your path, or a hare will come hopping in. In the winter the sheep that came down from the mountain pastures live
in an enclosure. The slopes are quite steep here already, so a walk can become a bit of a workout! But it’s worth it – just look at the views! At night,
badgers and martens brawl. Eagle-owls, hazel grouse, tits and bats swish around. The highest zones, the alpine tundra and alps, are inhabited by
a family of groundhogs, and by the chamois, ibex, and huge eagles. But the area is also full of small rodents, beetles and other interesting creatures.
A Year in the Mountains contains twelve double-page spreads depicting changes that take place throughout the year in three mountain zones –
foothills, slopes, alps and alpine tundra. These will help young readers become familiar with the richness of the mountainous flora and fauna. Two
additional spreadsheets contain a description of the different characters and an interactive game. A Year in the Mountains will provide readers
with hours of fun. The book stimulates the imagination, develops attentiveness, logically thinking, as well as the ability to find cause and effect
relationships and tell stories.
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