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A Year in the Countryside

A Year in the Countryside

edition type: boardbook

release year: 2017
number of pages: 28
age: 2-6
ISBN: 978-83-10-13156-0
Here is Bessie and Peter Listek’s small agritouristic farm. They are helped in their everyday work in the fields and the farmyard by their children Timmy, Maya, Frank, and by Grandma and Henry. There are animals resident there too:
in the barn there is a cow, a horse, sheep and pigs, in the kennel there’s a dog, cats frolic in the shed (where grain, hay and straw are stored) and a cockerel, hen and chicks live in the coop. The family are often visited by Jenny Mulberry (who
goes everywhere on her bike) and her granddaughter Ola. Twice a year, around New Year and on the Mayday weekend,
holidaymakers flock to Krzętla to get away from the city and breathe the fresh air. Here the seasons set the rhythm of life. In the winter Henry organises sleigh rides for visitors from the city. In spring the fields must be ploughed and sewn. The summer brings hard work with the harvest and then haymaking. After the harvest, the owner of an eco shop comes. She collects sweet honey, pumpkins and carrots.
In autumn, digging up potatoes is made more fun when the family bake them on a bonfire.A Year in the Countryside contains twelve double-page spreads that describe life on a farm. We find out what responsibilities children have, what things adults have to do, and what it means to work in the fields and with
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