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A Year at the Market

A Year at the Market

edition type: boardbook

release year: 2018
number of pages: 28
age: 2-6
ISBN: 978-83-10-13366-3
Ee-yore! Ee-yore! Welcome to the town's market. Each week you can come here to buy the healthiest vegetables, unique handicrafts and hearty local produce.
Our organic farm provides honey, cheese and wool. Pumpkin Baron brings vegetarian dishes. Mr and Mrs Sweet make sure no one runs out of delicious desserts. Marianna makes unique toys and Aldona makes clothes. Dwarfie the herbalist prepares remedial concoctions and you can find the prettiest flowers at Hortensia’s. Potters run workshops and sell lovely mugs and vases. Mike is responsible for keeping order. There’s also the new couple, Grace and Jerry, who will shake things up a bit. And we have plenty of animals – Rebecca the hen, Paragon the cat (he’s always unhappy about something), there’s also dogs and myself, Thunder the donkey. Jackdaws steal food, and storks come and go, just as nature tells them. And of course there are a lot of children around.

A Year at the Market contains twelve double-page spreads which show the colourful life of the market sellers and their customers month by month. Readers join them in celebrating festivals and coping with capricious nature, and also learn about which produce is available throughout the year. Two additional spreads contain short descriptions of the protagonists and an interactive game.

Książka uhonorowana następującymi nagrodami:
Wyróżnienie w konkursie Nagroda Rodziców 2018
Książka nominowana do następujących nagród:
Nominacja w konkursie „Najpiękniejsze Książki Roku 2018”
Polskiego Towarzystwa Wydawców Książek
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