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A Tree

A Tree

edition type: activity book

release year: 2016
number of pages: 30
age: 2-10
ISBN: 978-83-10-13120-1
The Tree is an incredible book. You can browse it page by page, and once you tear out the pages, you can create an extra-large
puzzle. A wonderful oak tree will grow in front of your eyes. On it, next to it, and even underneath it, you will find countless species
of animals: birds, insects and mammals…
On the reverse sides of each page that makes up the puzzle, you will find lots of interesting facts about nature and ideas for exciting
outdoor games!
In this visually beautiful book Katarzyna Bajerowicz mixes humour with plenty of information about nature, which she passes on
in the best way possible – through great fun!
Can you see a long-eared owl in the picture? It looks like the owl is looking carefully at a stag beetle. Can you find a hornets’ nest?
Once you put the entire picture together, the task won’t turn out to be all that easy. There will be many more tasks like this one,
so good fun is guaranteed.
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