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Jellygums on Construction Site

Jellygums on Construction Site

edition type: boardbook


Janusz Wyrzykowski

release year: 2016
number of pages: 30
age: 2-6
ISBN: 978-83-10-13077-8

"Jellygums on Construction Site" is an extraordinary book you can read in two ways: by browsing it page by page or by removing the pages and making your own huge jigsaw puzzle!


Welcome to construction site where we build our city! We use excavators, trucks, bulldozers, cranes and fork lifts. We also have some tools: concrete mixers, saws, hammers and drills! We, Jellygums, prefer rest than a hard work and this is why we always find time for a picnic, nap, swimming classes, eating fruits or even flying a kite or a paper plane. Frankly speaking, we do not hurry. But we love fun, so solve some riddles with us!


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